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  • Business Consulting

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You ARE ready for this!

  • One-on-One Business consulting (Yo, you gotta problem, together we’ll solve it!)
  • Great for women business owners or professionals who feel their efforts are not yielding them the life they deserve
  • Unconventional Marketing strategies
  • Technology Recipes that get more done for less

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Building the plane on the way down! WHEEEEE!


  • Proven methods of boosting engagement and awareness for a product, service or company
  • Branding advice and strategy
  • Time Management Strategies for Today’s Busy Lifestyle
  • Hands-On training for the DIYer

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Real Women, Building Real Businesses!


  • Simple Solutions for everyday annoyances
  • No “I told you so” here, this is a Solution ZONE
  • Working with your spouse advice and strategies
  • How to build a team and keep them

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  • Website Design

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1st Date > Initial Consultation (15 min Phone/Google Hangouts)
Our first meeting is a fact finding mission! We will go over the general scope of the project, timelines, deadlines, options and pricing. This meeting will be followed by a contract and quote.

2nd Date > Brainstorming Consultation (1hr In Person/Google Hangouts)
Our second meeting is exciting and insightful! We will go over the contract and sign it together. At this time we take the first payment (typically 1/2 of the project total). Once all that is out of the way, we get to work. We will talk about Target Market, the Site template, content, colors etc. I am passionate about setting the right tone and feel for your site and branding. We will go over all this together. Be prepared to answer a LOT of questions!

The Relationship > Client/Designer Homework (2 weeks), Customization (2 weeks) with tons of communication
This is where we WORK! While I work on the site branding or general design shell, you will be gathering your all important Content! We will take about 2 weeks for this process.

At the 1/2 way mark, you will have a chance to go over the site and see what we still need to add and what you would like to tweak.

The Break-Up > Website Launch (We hope we don’t break-up!)
Once you’re happy with everything & the website is ready to launch, I will give you a manual on how to manage this yourself in the future. We also can discuss our maintenance packages at this time. Then, we’ll set the site to go live date, and you’ll be given the log-ins to access your new website!

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