Thank You

Hooray! Im so glad you are taking this class with me! Don’t forget…


You have just taken a step toward growing your business! HOORAY!

Items you WILL need to BRING:

  • Computer – Most things are better experienced and learned on a computer. For this class tablets are discouraged as we will be downloading files for canva.
  • Account Logins and (This includes Username/Email and Password.) Try logging in before arrive just to be sure!
  • Pen/Paper – There will be a handout, however, notes are always important!

PS: What is this Pre-Session you speak of? Whenever teaching online tools there is always someone who doesn’t have their password, someone who is going to the wrong URL, someone who hasn’t downloaded the app, and someone who has never even signed up for an account. If this is you, NO WORRIES! I want to work out all the kinks before we dive into the goodies I have planned for the 2-hour class! So let’s get all this admin stuff out of the way so we can all start fresh!

If you have already registered for the event without the Pre-Session, no worries!

You can just come 30 minutes early and bring $10 at the door!

See you there!