Your Websit is SUPER Important!

Think about it.

When you hear of a company, local business, or new product, what do you do? Go to Google, Search for them. Maybe check FB. And while a FB profile is all well and good, you’ll probably hunt around for a website link just to see how legit these peeps really are. (Well, that’s what I do anyway!)

This is one of the most important aspects of your business! It is like your 24/7 sales person. I mean, come on, how many times have you been up at an odd hour trolling online? (Raises hand proudly.) So, as a sales person, it has to be sleek, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. (I mean, have you been to a site and asked “where the heck is the phone number or contact form?”) So, let me take care of all the heavy lifting and create a design that reflects you and your brand!

    The Full Website Experience

    Sometimes, you just know when its time to call an expert. After all, people call you because you are an expert too, right? Think about the feeling you get when someone reaches out for help with an open mind and an open heart to what you can provide. The best feeling right! I know I love it too! This service is for someone who is looking for the FULL experience. I want your website to be a source of pride and joy for you, not frustration and pain.

    The Prelude.

    1-1 Lunch on me to kick off our new project. In-depth analysis of current marketing and current website if one exists. (Website Audit for exiting sites, Ideal Client Audit if no website.) In this first meeting we will chat about all the ideas and things you want to include in your site. Some will make it, some will end up on the cutting room floor, but that is OK! There is always room to add them later as you grow! To start, we want just the essentials. You will get:

    • Target market analysis
    • Current Brand and Website Audit, if needed
    • Branding Consultation

    The Brand.

    Your brand is not just a logo. It is the feeling your customer gets when they get to your website. Let me guide the creation of that feeling from your mind, into your logo, graphics and website.

    • Round 1 begins with 2-3 images presented, your feedback.
    • Round 2 begins with 1-3 images, your feedback.
    • Round 3 is when your final image is presented along with your files and brand document.
    • All your colors, fonts, stock photos for inspiration and logo files are all included.

    This process takes 7-10 days.


    The Magic.

    This is where it gets fun for me! I spend hours working on your site to get it just right and have it FUNCTION perfectly. I do my best to encompass the vision we have created together.


    The Refining.

    Your online “YOU” is almost ready. Sometimes things don’t always work right the first try, so we take some time together to go over the site and see what needs to be refined.


    The Launch.

     Another meeting with me as we celebrate the Launch of your NEW site! We will go over any last minute details as well as celebrate a new beginning for you and your business. If you are local to me, a celebratory drink may be involved!

    Starting At: $3800.00


    Additional Items:

    • $350 – Website SSL Install and Hosting Migration

    • $450 – Website Hack Repair and Restore

    View the Portfolio

    Here are some sites I have done for other clients using the IN A DAY Program!