Social Media Management. It can mean so many things. To me it means keeping up with all those posts!!!! Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Who is your demographic? Everyone? (*BUZZER*) You can’t have everyone as a demographic, if you do, your marketing $$ and marketing in general will go no where and be overwhelming. So, this is my proposal. Why not stop all the nonsense? Let’s sit down together and: Discover your demographic, Get you into the platforms you need to be in, create a content calendar, Find posts that are relevant to you, and schedule 365 days worth of posts. Automation is key to a successful entrepreneur. Now, Isn’t $2/day worth your sanity?!


How It Works

(5-8 Hour Timeline)

We will:

  • Spend 8 hours of one-on-one training and side by side work
  • Setup your Social Pilot Scheduling System
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Create a Posting Schedule
  • Write, Gather and Schedule 6 months of Posts
  • Quiet, Professional Environment to help stimulate creativity

We usually begin around 9am and end around 5pm.

Lunch is provided as well as all the free coffee you can drink. Feel free to bring a snack and some headphones if you don’t like to work in silence. We will be working through lunch so we can get as much done as possible!

This experience is meant to give you as much of a head start as possible. While we may not be able to finish every single aspect of your 6 months in this short time frame, I will prioritize the items that need attention and slate other items as homework items for you to complete and enter.

If we keep on our schedule, and we do not get caught up on a techncial or conceptual item, We can usually get everything done in this timeframe. I have all confidence that after this session, you will walk away with a better, more complete understanding of your Social Media and how to use it!

Investment: $1500.00