The Jacksonville Networking Guide

Say goodbye to bad networking events and HELLO to more meaningful connections.

Let me guess...


You network to increase your business presence in Jacksonville. You search around and try to pick the most valuable events for your business, but somehow you stumble on more than your share of duds. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start to find events. Jacksonville is so big and you just wish you could find something “local” to attend.


Maybe you’re:

  • Using networking to boost your business prospects
  • New to town
  • Tired of seeing the same people at the same events

 Imagine if…

all the qualified networking events in Jacksonville were at your fingertips.

if there was someone to guide you to the events that were just for you.


Hello, My name is Elizabeth.

I founded Network In Jax to fill that very need. As I began to network for my business (I mentioned I’ve been in business for 10 years, right?), I quickly realized I was spending a TON of time just trying to find the best events in town.

There are over 750 non-Chamber related groups, and over 1500 events per month.

Jacksonville is so vast, the number of groups so great, and the organization or lack there of so prevalent. The more events I went to, the more people began to follow what I was doing. They saw the effort and time I put into finding and vetting each group.

Network In Jax was born of the lack of a one stop resource for networking!


For the past 3 years, I have attended countless networking events and meetings to better understand the Jacksonville Networking scene. I have spent numerous hours helping other professionals and business owners achieve the networking success they desired.

The Jacksonville Networking Guide is a monthly membership that will help you save time and money while making meaningful connections with new people.

The Intuitive Dashboard and resources will guide you

Videos and Podcasts will be posted regularly to help you sharpen your networking skills

✓ Each member will receive a 30 minute 1-on-1 strategy session with ME! (I am the Queen of Networking after all!) During the session, I will give you personalized group recommendations.

Only $10 a month

Your subscription is YOURS. It can be cancelled any time by you!

Here are some people who love Network In Jax:


Business Owners

Sole Proprietors

Family Businesses

Sales Professionals

Job Seekers

College Professionals

New to Jacksonville

Online Marketers

Work From Home

Network Marketers


I have gained so many contacts through Network in Jax! Julie Ryan

Business Owner, Julie Ryan Photography

Today you can begin using The Jacksonville Networking Guide.

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View the Jacksonville Calendar and plan your week to include networking

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Join the FB Group and start making local connections

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Check out the Meeting Room List for your next meeting

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Post a job or browse our Job Board

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Listen to the podcasts, watch videos on how to better network

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Submit your events to our calendar

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The Network in Jax calendar is the go to place to find out what is happening in town & the surrounding areas. I have found out about numerous Networking events from the calendar that were not listed any place else. It’s  a must have tool for any business. Nancy Katen

Business Owner, Blue Star Creations

Still have questions, reservations?

Do I really need this?
The goal of any type of networking is to expand awareness of your brand/product. It is also to open up opportunities that only networking can provide. So, if you want to do one or both of those things, then YES, you need this.
Is networking really worth it?
YES!! I have gained so much from networking. Not only amazing clients, but personal growth, some funny stories, and some amazing experiences. A few interesting things that happened as a result of networking: I went on an unexpected vacation to NYC, I am now a sometimes season ticket holder for the Jacksonville Armada, and have been invited to some of the coolest hot spots in town. All because of networking. If you want to enhance your business, your life and do cool stuff, networking is the answer!
Can't I find all this online already?
Hm…. Well, There are about 750 groups in jacksonville and only about 1/2 of them are online somewhere, so, yes, you can find some of this online across about 50 different websites. However, the resources like the constantly updated meeting room list, are exclusive to Network In Jax.
I don't have time to network.
I hear this a lot when it comes to networking.

Myth #1: You need a whole day to network… Not true. You can get in a quick breakfast meeting before heading to the office. Maybe you work from home and Lunchtime is easier to getaway.  (You gotta eat anyway, right?) Or maybe you MUST be at the office all day, well you are in luck! Some of the best networking groups meet at night! (Once a month you could steal a night away to grow your business, couldn’t you?)

Myth #2: You will lose time on ACTUAL work if you break away to network… Everyone needs to step away now and again and recharge, refresh, and renew their sense of purpose and passion. Being around people does that for me. However, maybe stepping away from the email for an hour or so, being around like minded people, and sharing your passion could give you that extra bit of clarity you needed to finish that big proposal. Or perhaps it can give you time to cool down from reading that email your top client sent a few min ago. Whatever it is, we all need to step away. Take 2-4 times a month to do this, for you business, for yourself and for your sanity!


Networking doesn't work for my business.
Sheesh, have I heard this countless times or what?! What I find is the driving force behind this statement is their group experiences have been less than profitable, and so they attribute those experiences to the whole of networking. NOT SO FAST! Networking is done every min of every day for most people and they don’t even know it! It is about relationship. It is about trust. Just because someone is not in your industry or may be able to use your services doesn’t mean they don’t know the one person who could make your whole career.
I have enough business. Things aren't that bad right now.
It’s up to you. Do you want it it to get to the point of being bad enough that networking is your last resort? Networking should be a constant in your business just like paying taxes and payroll. 😀 

Networking Tips:

When things are bad, network like things are great! (No desperation here!)

When things are going well, network like your business depends on it. (Because it does!)

Networking consistently, during the good and bad times will pay off for your business. Consistency and relationship are the name of the game when it comes to networking.


I am NOT a people person. Like at all. Ever.
THAT’S OK! Not everyone is as outgoing as me, I get that! I coach on how to network when you don’t feel like it! Introverts and Extroverts alike. We all have days when we don’t care to be around people or feel discouraged or scared. However, networking waits for no man. Events come and go and so do the opportunities that they afforded. There are some events you just have to attend. There are many strategies for conquering networking. I am creating an e-course that will be coming out Summer 2016 on this very subject!

Look No Further. Get Started Today.

(Well, this is the end of the page. I got tired and went to bed after writing this really long explanation.)