Beautiful Websites

Blue Star Creations

Nancy Katen is an amazing business owner. One of her businesses allows her to use her creative skills to make cards for individuals and business owners. I loved working on her unique site design. My favorite part is the holiday countdown on the home page.

H.B. Charles Jr. Blog

I have been working with H.B. for a few years now. His ministry has grown over the time I have been building websites for him and his church. I am always excited to see what he is up to next and what we can create for him to utilize to reach his flock.

Plain and Fancy Girl

This site is one I built many years ago. It is such a testament that someone would come back to me to rebuild their site with new features and a new design. (Site Not Managed By Elizabeth Pampalone)

Coastal Occasions

Once in a lifetime or so, you get that one client that can just do no wrong! I have been fortunate to have a few of those and Ambre is one of them. I was able to extract Ambre’s vision from her mind and bring it into existence online. I love the iterations of design we have worked on.

Cutting It Straight Conference

Shiloh Church and Pastor Charles have been long time clients of mine. I am always happy to work on their latest project. This site is redesigned every year to go with the look and feel of the conference. I love that I get to redesign this site and make something new and fresh each year.

Real Women Lift

Cindy Treaster owns a personal training facility in St. Augustine. I designed Cindy’s website many years ago and she recently came back for a redesign. I love her clean look and awesome photos! She is also a great consistent blogger, too!

Admin 911

Jen was a great client to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm made it fun to work on her site. We worked on it side by side as she had some great ideas in the placement of certain items. My favorite part is her testimonial section! (Site Not Managed By Elizabeth Pampalone)


Collaborative Practice Support

This is one of my favorite sites as there are so many elements that stand out and are so bold! The owner was a joy to work with and she has been a great referral partner as well! (Site Not Managed By Elizabeth Pampalone)

Lifestyles HOA

Kris Pedersen has been a client for a while. He always comes to me with fun projects to tackle. This HOA portal was fun to create and maintain on the occasion. (Site Not Managed By Elizabeth Pampalone)

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Personal Websites

Elizabeth Pampalone

My own site has always been something of a redheaded step child (hahah!). Only when I buckled down and got my photoshoot did my site come to life. My brand leapt off the page and I was able to do more for myself than ever before.

Jax Computer Chic

This company gave me my start. I have loved running it with several employees. This is the little company that could. Even when the odds were against it, it still supported me and my family!


Simplified Academy

The Simplified Academy has become quite the resource for my little community! I have created a membership Video based library. I hope you find it helpful! (This project is my passion!)

Grooveyard of (NOT) Forgotten Favorites

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