Merry Christmas to the Masons!

Your Gift is a Collection of 3 Albums.

Each album has Parody songs that the kids can sing along to.


Click on the Icons below to download the full album (A Zip folder of MP3s you can load onto any device).

Download RPM Volume 4

Parody Song
Love is a Wonderful Thing Love is a Wonderful Thing
Walk Like a Christian Walk Like an Egyptian
My God My Girl
Help Me Jesus Help Me Rhonda
His Love Will Go On My Heart Will Go On
Tell God About it Tell Her About It
I Will Follow Him I Will Follow Him
Payin’ Your Tithe Stayin’ Alive
Put the Love of God in Your Heart Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Sanctuarian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody

Download RPM Volume 10

Parody Song
Get Ready (For Christ to Come) Get Ready
Hosanna Rosanna
Happy in Jesus Happy Together
I Want Jesus I Want Candy
Old Time Religion Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll
Shepherd Boy Sk8er Boi
I Love Jesus I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
And She Prays And She Was
Message in the Bible Message in a Bottle
God Shack Love Shack


Download RPM Volume 11

Parody Song
Praise the Lord All Night Rock and Roll All Night
God Will Provide I Will Survive
His Love This Love
Sunday School Rock Crocodile Rock
You Oughta Be a Christian Girlfriend
Everybody Must Get Saved Rainy Day Woman #12 & #35
One Way Up to Heaven One Way or Another
Hello, God Loves You Hello, I Love You
Fishers of Men It’s Raining Men
I Wanna Know What God Is In My Life (I Wanna Know What Love is)

With Love,

Elizabeth and Joseph