Mastermind Groups

QUARTERLY 4th Monday of the month @ 10 am  –  12 pm

@ Murray Hill Offices

Do you have a networking group you lead? Maybe you are thinking of starting one? Perhaps, you inherited one? Whatever the case may be, you probably have questions! Elizabeth Pampalone has run and handed off several groups over the past 4 years. Her expertise in streamlining a group to fit your lifestyle is unparalleled. Join us for a great session on the topics that matter most to group leaders. We will cover things like Cash flow, Bank accounts, Attendance, Referrals, Unpaid Food Bills, Group Squabbles and more…

1 Session $35

Bi-Weekly 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month @ 11 am  –  1 pm

@ Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails

Meeting Fee $5 | All-Inclusive Meal $20

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