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Building a website has never been so fun!

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Web Design

Where functionality and design meet to create the ultimate user experience.

Website Security

Once your site is built, it will still need love and attention often.

Website Training

One-on-One training on all the processes and software we use to create a site.

App Development

Simple, Elegant apps that bring your brand to life on your client’s phone.


Hacked Website Cleanup

Hackers don’t discriminate, keep your client’s info safe.


Your business identity and message in one simple image.


Simple, elegant solutions for selling that are user friendly.

Sales Funnel Creation

Sales Page, Drip Campaigns, Connecting the digital dots so you don’t have to.

Social Media

Engaging your audience with graphics and content that pops.

Graphic Design

Fresh ideas that bring to life your brand and engage your clients.

Email Marketing

Even with the rise of social media, still the most effective form of digital communication.

Building Ambassadors

Team and Employee training on a variety of subjects including Networking and Process.

Years in Business

Websites Built

Customers Served

Member of the Small Business Resource Network - The SBRN helps businesses succeed by connecting them with interested, experienced service providers and government agencies.


Rave Reviews

Elizabeth has been my website guru from day one. As my business, blog, and brand evolved over the years, she has helped me through three successful web redesigns. I have the utmost confidence in Elizabeth. Her work is impeccable. She stays on top of the trends and is extremely knowledgeable to help me take my business to the next level. She is not afraid to tell me no.  I love that she doesn’t just accept my requirements, but she turns them into a productive dialog and helps me to take my ideas to the next level.  I am proud to have Elizabeth on my team as a trusted adviser and would recommend her with my complete confidence.

Holly Bertone

Blogger / Author / Speaker

Elizabeth really did a great job listening to my needs and incorporating my logo and ideas and turning it into a great website. Linking my Etsy store was a plus! Loved how I was able to put my touch by doing the collages with the pictures of my products. Very happy with the job. Thank you!

Zee Gonzalez

Mad Gab Studios

Elizabeth is to the point in her approach. She has the questions to ask that qualify the client. She offers suggestions on areas that could use improvement. She sets perimeters that are clear and helpful in the overall process of accomplishing a website design. Within a month of agreeing to the contract terms, I had my website up and running!  Elizabeth is someone you can trust with a task such as creating a website.

Kadie Sanders


People say you can’t have speed, quality AND affordability, but Elizabeth is proof that you can, if fact, have all three. She helped me get my email list up and running, did email blasts with announcements and blogs that looked PHENOMENAL, in just days and for a very reasonable fee. And she shared with me some great ideas for utilizing my calendar and reminders, and ways to drive more traffic to my website. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Jax Computer Chic for all your techie needs. Seriously, Elizabeth should start wearing a cape.

Julie Wesling

Massage Therapist

I am so grateful to have met Elizabeth at a networking event and finally found someone easy to talk to about my need for a website overhaul.  Not being very tech-savvy, it can be intimidating to talk to computer pros, but she never made me feel stupid.  Hiring Elizabeth was one of the best business decisions I made last year. I am pleased with the updated look of my website and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Laura Morey

Simple Solutions Diva

OMG This is amazing! This is soooooooo pretty and professional! Your solutions and ideas are simply gorgeous! THANK YOU!!!! I cannot thank you enough for saving me from website embarrassment land!

Leann Harris


About Elizabeth

In 2007 She started her first company, Jax Computer Chic. She started out making house calls for sick computers and branched out into teaching classes at the local High School. As her computer company grew, she decided to go back to her first love and opened a web design firm called The Web Design Chic. In order to get more business clients, she began networking like crazy. She saw a need and thus was born. In 2014, she was named “Queen of Jacksonville Networking” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. This led to ventures such as and becoming host of 5 meetup groups and mentoring 7 meetup group leaders. During all this, she was an active teaching member of SCORE for 5 years, an instructor with OLLI UNF for 3, a continuing education instructor with UNF for 2 and a small business instructor with the SBDC for 1. Her latest venture has been, here she combines her love of teaching and her knowledge of networking with blogging. Her and her husband, Joseph, contribute to ConnectGrowSell and they enjoy working on it together. When they are not behind the computer, they are out ballroom dancing or embarking on an adventure with their pug, Obi.

Owns two jeweled tiaras.

Loves to swim.

Has a Chocolate Milk Addiction.

Loves going to Estate Sales.

Was homeschooled from grades K-12.

Faith Statement

I believe that God gives each of us talents that we are to use for His Glory. My talent of understanding technology, didn’t seem like much to me when it came to integrating my faith. I soon learned that EVERYONE needs technology these days, especially churches. I started out as a media team leader at my church, then it grew to visiting senior centers and giving classes. I have created 5 websites for Shiloh Church of Jacksonville and 9 websites for CP broadcasting (aka The Promise Radio). I have had the privilege of making house calls to hundreds of homes in North East Florida. When I would visit a home, I would not only fix their sick computer, I would pray for the people, that they might come to know the Savior as I had. I am open about my faith with my clients, and most find it refreshing. I enjoy the theological discussions I have had over the years. I know that my job would not be possible if it were not for My Heavenly Father. He has opened so many doors and shut others when I needed to take a different direction. I am eternally grateful for His leading in my business and my life. My mission is to empower small business women to walk in Faith and in Confidence that He has called them to fulfill a need and purpose. I hope to help them achieve that through technology, consulting and encouragement.

Connect, Grow, Sell

Unlock your hidden sales funnel with strategies for local networking.